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Takes less than 5 minutes.

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Receive your individual report upon completion.

I found Will’s quiz insightful and accurate when I filled it in about myself.  I found it was quick and easy to complete and it pinpointed some areas which I needed to refocus on. Thank you!

Liz Almond

Before I took the quiz I wasn’t sure what areas I needed to work on the most to improve my overall happiness. Once I got the results, the key areas for improvement made all sense and after following the advice given I started seeing the results in my life.

Sonia Pires

It was great to dig a little deeper into how I feel things are for at the moment.  I took the quiz and it made it really clear. The key areas of improvement in each area were consice presented in a way I had not considered before. A really useful exercise.

Peter Vanspall

The questions are clear with precise distinguishing points between the answers, you always know which answer is true for you. The results of the quiz give useful, actionable suggestions on how to improve key areas. I really like the visual representation at the end of the results – it helps seeing the overview at a glance.

Dr Agi Keramidas

I saw your post regarding taking the happiness quiz. I had nothing to lose in taking it as I knew there was something not quite right so I thought I’d see what it says.
I filled it in as honest as I could.  It shocked me how it highlighted what it did, the process was so simple. It gave me something to work on and gave me answers to why I was feeling like I did.
Jonathan Smith